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Myocardial Infarction, You Sneaky Bitch

My doctor told me to tell all my female friends, and it wouldn’t hurt my male friends to know this, too, that a woman’s heart attack is a sneaky bitch.

Jane Goodwin

I’ve been reading the opening “Mamacita says…” for many, many years; probably since I started aggregating my RSS feeds within Google Reader for consumption in the mid-late 2000s. Her blog, Scheiss Weekly, is about education (among other things) and the great Mamacita has a sharp wit to go with a personality that commands definitive respect.

She had a heart attack this month. I can relate to her hospital experience almost to a T; the needles, the surgery, the monumental exhaustion of the whole ordeal. What I can’t relate to is the actual feeling of the heart attack. Mine was sudden, striking, immediately scary and dreadful at the same time. Mamacita had a different experience but one that was no less important in scale. Women often suffer heart attacks different than men; not feeling the “stabbing pain-elephant on chest-loss of blood flow” that is often portrayed in movies and the media. This portrayal has often led to women being misinformed about what to look for in a cardiac event, and unfortunately, occasionally misdiagnosed by General Practitioners.

Read Jane’s blog post about her New Years’ experience, and if you need more information about heart attacks, heart disease, or support for heart related events, head over to Heart Sisters.